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Dental One aims to provide affordable dentistry for all our patients. We are pleased to provide General dental services for patients with Dental insurance at no out of pocket cost. This means that we will bill your health care provider directly (via HICAPS) and where a full benefit is provided you will not have to pay any additional amount towards your treatment.

Better Than a Preferred Provider

While some dentists are preferred providers and offer Gap free services for specific health funds, Dental One take it a step further and accept ALL health funds. We save you the hassle of going out of your way to find a participating provider and provide an affordable, accessible and convenient service for you and your family. As long as you hold eligible Australia dental insurance and have funds remaining on your annual limit, our team will be able to make a claim on your behalf and save you any of out of pocket expenses on Check-up’s, Cleans and X-Rays.







Explore a selection of our successful No Gap case studies and see how you can potentially save money on your upcoming treatment. *Please note the names of these patients have been altered.

Michelle has an annual limit of $500 for General Dental per calendar year. She visits the Dentist for a routine check-up and clean. The Dentist advises that Michelle also needs 4 fillings and prepares a quote via HICAPS. Michelle’s insurance will have enough funds to cover most of the treatment but will only cover $60 instead of $100. Michelle will need to pay a small amount out of pocket for the fillings. Michelle will not have to pay any out of pocket on the other treatment.

Phil visits the dentist for the first time in a little while. Phil has private health and ancillary dental cover, with an annual limit of $600 per calendar year. The dentist advises that Phil should have an X-Ray taken of his teeth and then commence the subsequent check-up, clean and any treatment. After the X-Ray, the dentist is relatively happy with Phil’s oral health, but does recommends a scale and clean and topical fluoride treatment as a preventative measure. The quote via HICAPS is put through, Phil’s insurance will cover all the above codes (Check-up, scale, clean and fluoride treatment), the total cost without insurance would have been $427. Phil’s insurance will cover $256, leaving a gap payment $171. As Phil has visited a No Gap Dentist, Phil will not have to pay the $171. Phil has $173 remaining on his annual limit.

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Full terms and conditions can be found here, we ask all dental insurance holders to read this carefully before making an appointment.