Financing Options

Dental One is committed to providing affordable dental care for all our patients.

We understand that financing your treatment can be a large and unexpected barrier to achieving your oral health goals. That’s why we offer plans to help spread the cost and ensure you can get your treatment done at an affordable pace.

It’s important to remember that getting work done early will save you in the long-run. By removing decay and restoring the viability of your tooth we can reduce the likelihood of further complications and the possible loss of that tooth. 

Our Financing Plans

We include restorative work such as fillings for ‘No-Gap’ meaning that as long as you are meet the requirements of our policy we can do such treatment at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

All our clinics process Insurance Claims via HICAPS allowing us to claim on the spot and 99% of the time this avoids you needing to pay and then claim back your rebate.

For larger cases we can offer a tailored solution suitable to your needs. All our payment plans have NO INTEREST so it’s just a matter of working out an affordable length of time and deposit payment.

Example. Rachel has been quoted $1900 for two crowns but with her existing monthly commitments she can’t afford to pay for it all at once. She decides to go on a 6-month payment plan. She pays $400 as a deposit and arranges to pay $250 a month for the balance. Because she has Major Dental Insurance too she can submit a claim to her insurance company and receive a rebate toward her treatment helping to offset her deposit.

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When you decide to go ahead with Orthodontic treatment we can arrange your payments over 12-18 month instalments. These instalments come out from your bank account or credit card via a Direct Debit so that you don’t have to remember to pay each time!

Hyrax expander (approx $1800-2100)

Braces (approx $4900 to $7500)

$300 – Paid at your Diagnostic appointment

$1200 – Paid when your separators are fitted

$200 – 17 monthly instalments (or less if your treatment is a lower duration)

Invisalign (approx $3000 to $7800)

$300 – Paid at your Diagnostic appointment

50% – Deposit paid prior to your first appointment

Balance paid over 12 months