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Teeth Whitening Does it really work

Teeth will naturally over time begin to lose their white appearance. Just like wrinkles or grey hairs, teeth wear and while the colour or shade of your teeth will not have any negative health effects, your self-esteem could take a hit.

Teeth whitening has fast become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry practices and there is no questioning why – Whiter teeth give you the ability to smile with confidence!

Tooth Discoloration Explained

There are 2 main types of teeth discolouration:

Extrinsic — this occurs when the outer layer of the tooth or the enamel is stained. This type can be influenced by lifestyle choices and specifically such things as coffee, tea, wine and smoking.

Intrinsic — this is when the inner structure of the tooth or the dentin darkens or gets a yellow tint. This type of discoloration can stem from several causes, some of which may include genetics, having a heavy load of antibiotics as a child and trauma to the tooth.

The colour of your teeth will not affect the vital parts of a tooth. However white teeth equal whiter smiles and while you not are feeling any pain, your confidence may be suffering. This is the most common reason for people using teeth whitening.

Why Use Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening carried out by a dentist is the safest and best option in returning your teeth to their former glory.

Teeth whitening at Dental One carries with it numerous benefits, some of which include:

  • Quick and relatively pain free
  • Tailored to you
  • Long lasting
  • Confidence boosting

Take Home VS In Chair 

Teeth whitening products typically use peroxide, which is a safe compound that does not damage or remove enamel.

The only proven ingredient currently on the market that makes teeth whiter is peroxide. Any other products used run the risk of damaging the enamel, or structure of the tooth.

The two most common methods of teeth whitening are professional take home trays or in chair teeth whitening. Depending on your intended outcomes or desires, deciding which option is best for you should not be a difficult choice after a brief consultation with one of our dentists.

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Take Home kits are the most affordable teeth whitening treatment. The creation of special trays that fit perfectly to your teeth enables the whitening gel to hold against your teeth for the required time.

The step by step process

  1. First, we take the impression of your teeth, to ensure a perfect fit of the tray.
  2. The impressions form the moulds and then later the trays, which will be with you over the course of your treatment.
  3. Finally, we provide you with a kit that contains 4 syringes containing whitening gel and thorough instructions on how to use the product.

In Chair 

There are variations of in Chair Whitening available, however the most commonly used is the combination of peroxide (in gel form) and an LED Laser light which combine to accelerate the teeth whitening process. After the gel is applied the light stimulates the molecules which whiten the teeth.

The major advantage of In Chair Teeth Whitening is that the results are visible straight away. The Take Home teeth whitening kits utilise a similar gel, but it takes longer to achieve similar results.

Is it Safe?

When teeth whitening is performed by your dentist it is a safe and effective treatment with very few side effects. The main side effect is sensitivity which is completely normal and temporary, and will go away by itself. Using sensitive toothpaste in the trays after whitening can help reduce this sensitivity.

At Dental One we use professional whitening products that have been properly tested and found to be safe. These professional whitening products contain different concentrations of peroxide.

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