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Teeth Whitening

See our in chair or take home teeth whitening solutions!

What is a Crown?

Your smile is your most personal and expressive feature. It can portray your entire personality and friendliness instantly to all those around you.

A simple, safe and effective teeth whitening treatment can rejuvenate your smile and increase your confidence, personally and professionally.

Tooth whitening has become very popular in recent years and can be achieved through either take home or in-chair systems. At Dental One we provide a take home teeth whitening solution provided by POLA. When you come in for your appointment we will take impressions and make a tray that fits your teeth. You can then use the whitening solution (either Day or Night) to whiten your teeth.

Individual results do vary and maintenance usually needs to be repeated on an annual basis to maintain optimal results.

Please note: Before undergoing any tooth whitening treatment, your oral hygiene and dental health needs to be assessed to ensure you are suitable and optimum results can be achieved. You must have had a check-up and professional dental clean in the last 12 months or you will be required to have one prior to commencing any whitening treatment.

The Procedure:

Crowning a tooth is a simple procedure where the tooth is slightly reduced to make space for the material and an impression (mould) is taken and sent to a dental laboratory. For interim function and aesthetics you will be fitted with a temporary crown.

Within a week or two the crown will be ready and all that is left is for the temporary crown to be removed and the final porcelain restoration to be cemented on. This is usually a straightforward and painless procedure.

At Dental One Craigieburn, we offer very affordable crowns made by one of the largest laboratories in Melbourne. In many cases, if you have dental insurance, most if not all the cost of one dental crown per year will be covered by your policy.


What is a Bridge?

A Bridge is an effective and long lasting way of filling a space created by missing teeth with natural looking porcelain teeth. A bridge relies on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth to support a pontic which acts as a porcelain replacement tooth. Bridges are permanently cemented on and do not need to be taken in and out like a denture.
Advantages of Bridges:

  1. Permanently cemented so it is fixed and can’t move with function
  2. Porcelain allows for an excellent cosmetic result.
  3. Will protect the adjacent teeth from fracture while replacing the missing tooth or teeth.
  4. Quick procedure, with a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks and little discomfort.


The Procedure:

Similar to a crown, the teeth around the space are prepared and a mould is taken and sent to the dental laboratory. A provisional bridge is made and within a week or two your final bridge will be ready to cement!

Please ask one of our friendly dentists at Dental One Craigieburn if you are a good candidate for a dental bridge. In terms of cost, a bridge will normally sit between a denture and an implant with prices generally ranging from $2000-3000. You may also be covered by your Health Insurance so all you would need to pay is a smaller gap-payment.



Why Dental One?


At Dental One we offer affordable dental care for the whole family. You can expect the same quality and professional treatment from our Dentists as you would anywhere else. Our No Gap Policy means if you have dental insurance you pay nothing out of pocket on general dental, including fillings*! Our continuing focus on long term, affordable care makes preventative dental more accessible than ever before









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Health Insurance & Financing

Crown and Bridge Treatment falls under major dental and should be partially covered depending on your level of insurance and annual limit. We recommend checking your health fund to find out your remaining benefits, prior to booking in for an appointment. For patients without dental insurance, we aim to be fully transparent with all of our pricing and walk you through your treatment plan, so you know exactly how much you will be out of pocket. We also have financing plans available.

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